New Antibiotics List

The use of lipopeptides and collagen mimetic peptides is very common in new antibiotic list as substrate for degrading enzymes as a drug delivery system, new biomaterial for tissues engineering and so on. But preparation and the purification of peptides and fatty acids can be very challenging. A solid phase synthetic protocol for the preparation of the fatty acids conjugated, rapid microwave assisted, triple helical peptides having cleavage site for enzyme matrix metalloproteinase 9 is reported here. A PEG based resin is employed as solid support and protection to the amino acids is provided with tert-butyl and Fmoc groups. The couple of amino acids was made 50 degree centigrade for five minutes. There was deprotection reactions carried at 75 degree Celsius for three minutes. A peptide was synthesized by using this protocol containing 23 amino acids and then it was conjugated to the stearic acid in 14 hours.

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New Aantibiotics List

Fluoroquinolone antibiotics are included in the new antibiotic list and are used commonly for many reasons like high oral bioavailability, broad antibacterial activity and good tissue penetration. There can be hypersensitivity reactions with fluoroquinolones and about 101 patients were assessed immediate or delayed hypersensitivity followed by the oral challenges. These patients having anaphylaxis symptoms were evaluated further with vitro tests with the help of which fluoroquinolone hypersensitivity was removed from 71 patients.

Anaphylaxis was developed in six patients during the positive challenge test with three negative and three positive skin prick tests but there was no confirmation of IgE mediated mechanism in the vitro tests. There was negative patch testing and there was considerable fluoroquinolone hypersensitivity over estimation. The hypersensitive patients can not be identified effectively with the help of in vitro or skin tests. Fluoroquinolone hypersensitivity can be confirmed and ruled out with the help of challenge test

Tetracyclines are also included in the new antibiotic lists with broad spectrum acting at ribosomal level where they can interfere with the protein synthesis.Tetracyclines were prescribed by the dermatologist effectively for the first time in 1950s when its effectiveness for the treatment of the acne was found. The research is also conducted on the biological actions affecting angiogenesis, inflammation, apoptosis, proteolysis, inophoresis, metal chelation and bone metabolism. Different therapeutic effects of this new antibiotic list and its analogues in different diseases have also been examined including bullous dermatoses, pyoderma gangrenosum, periodontitis, rosacea, neutrophilic diseases, cancer metastasis, aortic aneurysms, sarcoidosis and automatic disorders like scleroderma and rheumatoid arthritis.