New Antibiotics against Bacteria

There is decrease in the resistance movement founded by the bacteria to combat different antibiotics in the antibiotic list. More powerful weapon was designed by the scientists by combining important properties of the different weapons used by natural defense system of the organisms.

It was done to find an antibiotic which can be more effective and novel. This new antibiotic can be more powerful as compared to the previous antibiotics. There are number of such new antibiotics available in the antibiotic list.

The first antibiotic is magnetic weapon which is produced by all organisms as natural antibiotic. This magnetic weapon or antimicrobial peptide is positively charged which is attracted negatively by the bacteria just like a magnet. These two antibiotics in the antibiotic list can exert antibacterial effects. The second antibiotic used to make new antibiotic in the antibiotic list is a detergent like weapon known as lipopeptide. It is produced only by fungi and bacteria because of negative charge with fungi target. There is fatty acid chain in the new antibiotic. This chain is similar to the soap chain which can dissolve oils and dirt breaking fatty membranes of fungi.

The scientists combined different properties of the AMPs lipopeptides in the antibiotic list thus forming new antibiotic synthetic lipopeptide which as positive charge as well as ability to dissolve oils like soap. The scientists were able to create new array of weapons by changing the sequence of the positively charged amino acids and length of chain of fatty acids in the antibiotic list. Some of these new antibiotics are active against fungi and bacteria while other can target just one or other. New antibiotic synthetic peptides were designed containing four amino acids as opposed to that found in the natural forms.

These new antibiotics will certainly open up new potential application range. This antibiotic is more attractive for drugs because of short length of synthetic peptides. This new finding will be easier to use, less prone to the resistance, cheaper to synthesize and it can also have the ability to target large number of fungal and bacterial infections. The new antibiotics were found to be very effective and powerful and are being added to the antibiotic list more frequently. Research is also being made to find more and more new antibiotics to make antibiotic list.