New Antibiotics. Cephalosporin

Cephalosporin is developed by joint program between Cilag AG International and Basilea Pharmaceutica AG and it included in the antibiotic list and making new antibiotic. Cephalosporin antibiotic was approved in Canada and was marketed under brand name of Zeftera for treatment of soft tissues infections and complicated skin including diabetic infections with this new antibiotic. This new antibiotic proved to be very effective for the foot diabetic infection as well and it has potential first line treatment for severe infections.

Pivoted STRAUSS 1 and 2 trails are used to demonstrate the clinical effectiveness of the new antibiotic Cephalosporin. About 1600 patients with skin problems and infections and diabetic foot infections were involved in this test. These tests were performed to find out the safety, efficacy and effectiveness of the new anti biotic Cephalosporin. Effective results of the treatment with cephalosporin were found in these tests with ceftobiprole medocaril as it included vancomycin in the antibiotics list.

1000 mg of vancomycin and 1500mg of c cephalosporin were administered in the STRAUSS 1 for 7 to 14 days with one hour infusion every 12 hours. Cured rate of 93.3% was achieved with the treatment of this new antibiotic known as ceftobiprole medocaril or cephalosporin. There were similar results found in the STRAUSS 2 test for Cephalosporin in which this new antibiotic was compared to combination therapy with the ceftazidime and placebo or vancomycin. There were about one third diabetic foot infection patient included. Cephalosporin shows 86% and 82% cure rates. This antibiotic showed consistent results. The patients can have nosocomial pneumonia infections commonly because of intensive care units.

The efficacy of this new antibiotic cephalosporin was also tested two other phase III trials in patients with pneumonia infections. This cephalosporin antibiotic was proved to be less effective as compared to other antibiotics in the antibiotic list. Over 30% mortality was achieved which was highest ventilated patients and patients having MRSA patients. It is important thing to select the right kind of antibiotic from the antibiotic list.

Cephalosporin has proved to be a good and effective new antibiotic addition in the antibiotic list. Cephalosporin is also included in the J&J antibiotic list of other antibiotics portfolio. Under terms of development and marketing agreement, it was decided that Cephalosporin will be marketed by J&J in the US while it will be marketed by Janssen Cilag outside the US. The co-promotion rights of Cephalosporin are retained by the Basilea in major markets.