Antibiotics For Bronchitis. New View

Antibiotics have be Found to be Useless for Bronchitis Treatment

A new search carried out by Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine has been the first step to stop common antibiotic for bronchitis treatments from a long antibiotic list.

Lately, two physicians from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, have carried out a research on bronchitis by making use of world literature, and made use of the research studies; clinical trials and much other important information related to bronchitis and finally stated that antibiotic for bronchitis treatments should not be used as treatment methods for bronchitis.

Dr. Wenzel has also concentrated on the fact that the antibiotics from a longantibiotics listused for antibiotic for bronchitis treatment are too much to treat bronchitis. Bronchitis is caused by an infection in the bronchial airway whereas antibiotics for bronchitis are not suitable and Dr Wenzel state the following which clearly indicates this point; antibiotics for bronchitis"are caused by agents for which we have no therapy yet," meaning viruses.

A minor percentage of bronchitis can be treated by doctors however in the research Dr Wenzel notes that 70 to 80 % of patients are prescribed with antibiotics from antibiotic list with aantibiotic for bronchitis treatment lasting from 5 to 7 days.

Dr Wenzel states that in America, one adult out twenty will have bronchitis and additionally he states that patients did not use antibiotics from antibiotic list of antibiotic for bronchitis treatment because they cost money. Wenzel also said that side effects of medications such as rashes, abdominal pain, diarrhea and many more due to antibiotics from antibiotic list are expected and acceptable as long as the antibiotic for bronchitis treatment works however for bronchitis treatment it is not the same.

As there are various debates on taking antibiotics from antibiotic list for bronchitis patients, it is confusing to see doctors prescribing them. Dr. Wenzel states that the reason is accessibility as it would be very difficult and time and effort consuming to tell patients about the effects of antibiotics for at least 10 minutes, doctors prefer to prescribeantibiotics for bronchitis from a long antibiotic list in only a few seconds.