Natural Antibiotics

You can find lots of natural antibiotics which are logically enough. These types of antibiotics are dealt with homeopathy. This is 100 percent natural and there is not artificial additives used in it. Honey is an interesting example of natural antibiotics which is taken from honey comb.

Honey is produced by secretion way of honey comb and provides protection from certain diseases. You will be ingesting natural antibiotic if you take honey regularly. Honey can be certified and produced originally and contains everything described for antibiotic list. There are many advantages and healing properties found in these natural antibiotics. There can be a great natural antibiotic by combining honey with organic agriculture. There is no processed sugar in honey although it is 97 percent sweet and it can be very good for health. You can go to antibiotic list to find other properties of the honey.

The working of Echinacea is another natural antibiotic which is similar to garlic, fungi, fighting bacteria and viruses. This antibiotic is found in the antibiotic list as well. There is stimulation in immune system with increased production of cells which can attack infections. This natural antibiotic can be taken in table (300mg), liquid (3-4ml) or capsule (300mg) three times daily for seven days but it should not be taken beyond ten days. The natural antibiotics like honey and cinnamon can be found easily in the kitchen. These antibiotics can be very good against many infections and illnesses. The daily use of these antibiotics in the antibiotic list can be good for immune system and provide protection to the body against viruses and bacteria by providing strength to blood pressure. You should use pure unpaturized honey.

You can help your cough and cold by taking one teaspoon of honey and one fourth teaspoon of cinnamon daily for three days to clear your sinuses. You can make paste with five teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon for toothache which can be applied three times daily on affected area. Five teaspoon of honey and two teaspoon of cinnamon can be used to kill bladder germs. Further information can be found in the antibiotic list.

The natural antibiotics described in the antibiotic list can be used for the treatment of skin infections, insect bites, eczema and burns by using equal parts of honey and cinnamon. One teaspoon of cinnamon and three tablespoon of honey can be applied on the skin for acne treatment daily for two weeks. It will help you a lot in the acne treatment. Olive leaf is another natural antibiotic in the antibiotic list which is very effective against any infection like viral, bacterial, parasites and fungi. Olive leaf extract 250mg capsules can be used three times daily with meals to treat cold, herpes, flu, sinusitis and allergies. You can also find wild indigo in the antibiotic list of natural antibiotic which can be for treatment of bronchitis, sore throat, mouth sores, tonsillitis and swollen glands.