Pneumonia Antibiotics

You can take pneumonia antibiotics from the antibiotics list for three days which is good enough as an eight day course. The shorter drug courses from the antibiotics list can be very effective as they can fight the antibiotic resistance. These antibiotics from the antibiotic list are prescribed for the community developed pneumonia as treatment duration can be reduced with these antibiotics which can prove to be big drop in drug usage.

The effectiveness of the discontinuing treatment after three days with amoxicillin and that of eight days was compared in 119 adults having moderate to severe community developed pneumonia in nine different hospitals. There was 93% clinical success rate at day 10 in patients getting treatment for three and eight days. Day three treatment showed 90% effectiveness by day 28 as compared with eight day treatment with 88%.  There was similar improvement x-ray results, symptoms and length of the hospital stay noted in both the groups in the antibiotic list. But people with severe pneumonia were not looked by the researchers.

There were same finding in three and eight day treatment for most of the patients having pneumonia. There was correlation found between the pneumonia antibiotics used in community and resistance. Therefore it can be important to get results even by reducing the consumption. The study of the pneumonia antibiotics in the antibiotic list shows that the recommended treatment for seven to ten days should be revised. There are so many pneumonia antibiotics in the antibiotics list that we don’t know about them and their optimum treatment.

It is quite surprising that community acquired pneumonia has not been discussed properly but this statistical study shows that there is no need of the treatment for seven to ten days. It can not be good thing that the patients are exposed to the pneumonia antibiotics unnecessarily. Furthermore people should also have the knowledge about the antibiotics list. The guidelines given in the antibiotic list about the pneumonia antibiotics should be looked carefully by the people. The use of shorter course will also be very comfortable for the physicians. Community acquired pneumonia is a common disease for which pneumonia antibiotics are currently indicated in the antibiotic list. There will be reduced antibiotic resistance with the reduced exposure of the pneumonia antibiotic for the people in the antibiotic list.