Antibiotics for Hepatitis

Inflammation of the liver due to a medication (abuse or drug specific), hepatitis drug may occur in several forms and have important consequences on health. Explanations.
Once in the blood, the drugs are excreted in the liver that metabolizes and allows their natural evacuation. However, some medications (taken too much or not) can have an adverse effect on general health and liver in particular. It is to be vigilant because, beneath the diaphragm, the liver is an important organ: it provides including the digestion and produces protective substances in the body.

Drug-induced hepatitis: a disease in various forms
There are 3 types of acute hepatitis drug:

-Hepatitis cholestatic (inflammation of the liver accompanied by an interruption of the flow of bile) is generally favorable;
-Hepatitis cytolytic (inflammation with destruction of liver cells) may be severe and lead to fulminant hepatitis (major destruction of liver);
-Hepatitis mixedBoth cytolytic and Cholestatic, which are most common.

Drug toxicity predictable ...
More than 600 drugs are suspected to have adverse effects on the liver. Hepatitis drug specifically affects people over 50 who generally take more drugs.
In some cases the toxicity is predictable: either a large number of people suffer after taking the drug, or the topics are achieved depending on the dose of medication taken. Finally, the hepatitis may be reproduced in animals.
In all cases, the list of drugs that can cause liver damage is regularly updated by the centers of pharmacovigilance* which to educate and prevent the risk of adverse drug reactions. But you can also ask your doctor or pharmacist.

... or unpredictable
In other cases, the liver toxicity of a drug can be unpredictable. These include allergic reactions, a single genetic mutation inducing or accelerating the effects of toxic drugs, or both mechanisms simultaneously.

Paracetamol, attention to the dosage!
Paracetamol, for example, is a product whose toxicity is predictable based on dosage taken. Thus, it is recommended not to exceed the therapeutic dose of 3 grams per day. If this drug may be responsible for a cytolytic hepatitis usually associated with acute renal failure.

Preventing hepatitis drug
Generally, you must make an appointment with the doctor if you experience symptoms associated with hepatitis (fever, sweating, nausea, loss of weight and appetite, dark urine). During a hepatitis poisoning due to taking medication it is of course remove it from the trigger and be alert to drugs and their dosages.