Antibiotics: Supplements Probiotics Prevent Diarrhea

Treatment antibiotic often has the disadvantage of triggering diarrhea. Taking ProbioticsAs Ultra-Levure ®, dietary supplement well known, would effectively prevent this side effect antibiotics.

Diarrhea is a common side effect of antibiotics
The occurrence of diarrhea during treatment antibiotic is rather frequent. It is estimated that this effect affects 5 to 30% of adults under antibiotics and 11 to 40% of children. This problem may occur early in treatment, but until two months after his arrest.

In Prevention this symptom, the Probiotics could offer an interesting solution. These are micro-organisms with beneficial effects on health are now well documented.

Probiotics effectively prevent diarrhea
In support of this theory, the results of a new study against placebo have focused on 260 children aged 6 months to 14 years. These young patients, suffering from otitis media and / or a respiratory infection, were treated by antibiotic. Half of them should also take additional Food in ProbioticsIn the case of the Ultra-Levure ®. The others took a placebo.
The Probiotics proved particularly beneficial, since the frequency of diarrhea was 7.5% in the group of children as Ultra-Levure ®, against 23% in the placebo group.
Note that in this study, the presence of diarrhea was defined by at least three loose stools per day for at least 48 hours, occurring up to 3 weeks after treatment antibiotic.

The previously published studies on this subject focus on adults and use different types of Probiotics. The majority of them lead to similar conclusions: supplementation Probiotics reduced risk of diarrhea among those under treatment antibiotic in proportions consistent.

For those who know, the study of literature suggests that reducing the risk of diarrhea varies with the probiotic. It is more important with the Lactobacillus, followed by S. boulardii (contained in the Ultra-Levure ®) B.lacgtis and S.thermophilus.

Why do they probiotics prevent diarrhea?
One can easily imagine that ProbioticsBy helping the intestinal flora to rebuild itself, effectively prevent the effects of intestinal antibiotics.