What to Do if There Are Side Effects?

What to do if side effects of antibiotics?
In most cases, side effects antibiotics, when they occur, are quite bearable and without serious consequence. The most toxic compounds are generally used in hospitals, under close observation. The most serious accidents are linked to severe allergic and unpredictable.

What to do if you are allergic to antibiotics?
In cases of suspected edema Edema or anaphylactic shockMust urgently call the ambulance service (15 or 112). In all other cases (skin allergies), it should tell their doctor who will ensure that the symptoms are well recognized in connection with antibiotics. In this case, the treatment in question is interrupted. The substance identified as allergenic must be carefully noted on a document permanently present in your portfolio, with your identity papers, for example. It must be reported for each medical consultation, including a specialist (cardiologist, ophthalmologist, gynecologist, dentist, etc..).

Relieve nausea from antibiotics
The nausea are benign, but is a painful embarrassment for treatment antibiotic. Several tips can help you better support them:

  • Slightly modify the time taken in relation to meals;
  • Select fresh, fragrant and just avoid cooking odors;
  • Take small meals in a calm, taking your time, add small snacks throughout the day (savory biscuits);
  • Try ginger (candied or tea) and lemon (lemon drink) that can calm nausea;
  • If these tips are not enough, there are anti-nausea drugs effective: ask your doctor or pharmacist;

To relieve diarrhea caused by antibiotics
As nausea, diarrhea caused by antibiotics are not serious, but can seriously disrupt daily life or work. Some tips can help you limit these diarrhea due to a direct effect of antibiotics or imbalance of intestinal flora:

  • Choose a diet richer in fiber to slow the course bowel and make more consistent stools. Eat toast, apples, raw or cooked in sauce, bananas, white rice, etc..
  • Compensate the losses due to diarrhea drinking at least one and a half liters of water per day (as mineral water, soups, herbal teas) and salt a little more food. If diarrhea severe water for cooking white rice brings the liquid and soluble fiber.
  • Remove stimulants (coffee, tea, chocolate, Alcohol) Avoid foods that are too fat, too rich sugar or very spicy.
  • Try to rebalance the intestinal flora by eating yogurt or taking medicines containing reconstructions of the intestinal flora (Ultra -Yeast, For example).

If these measures do not exist drugs that slow intestinal transit and diarrhea subside. Feel free to ask your doctor or pharmacist.